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Attacking protocols

It is interesting to see how the attack methodologies change with time. As security protocols become more mature and secure, people have moved up the stack. Case in point is the Defating SSL presentation which outlines how an attacker can take advantage of MiTM techniques to bypass SSL. The attack is against the end-to-end scenario, not the protocol itself, even though the protocols themselves sometimes have (implementation) issues too. As time has proven already, the weakest link in most software systems is the user when it comes to security and we all know that the system is as secure as its weakest link. It is/will be interesting to watch the evolution of the Internet and tools in the future to account for the weakest link. Relying on just presentation is not enough as proved by the above presentation. We need to solve the problem in an end-to-end manner while minimizing the interaction with the user. By reducing user input, we reduce the attack surface against the weakest link and achieving a more robust system.